“Cathy did a fabulous job sharing information with my team. Her high energy level and customized presentation kept my team focused and engaged well past our ending time. I highly recommend Cathy to support your training need.”

April Fox, Director of Special Education
LaPorte ISD

“Cathy did a phenomenal job working with our staff on developing grading guidelines and rubrics. It has been a huge asset to our district to have the clear and useful rubrics that she helped us develop. She also trained our trainers on writing great PLAAFPs and our teachers are now expert PLAAFP writers. It was so nice to have someone who would customize training to fit exactly what our staff needed. I would highly recommend Cathy for all special education training for any district!”

Nancy Isaacs, Director of Special Services
Midland ISD

“Cathy has provided Spring ISD with district-wide training on Standard-Based IEP’s and has assisted us with establishing district-wide grading policies and practices. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of special education, as well as her creative and effective approach to teaching adult learners makes her an invaluable asset to any district dealing with today’s challenging issues. One of Cathy’s greatest assets is her ability to connect with the audience on a very personal level. She makes complex tasks achievable through active participation and hands-on learning. Administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals all give Cathy a very enthusiastic “thumbs up” for both her staff development and technical assistance.”

Chris Hess, Executive Director
Spring ISD

“Cathy Sartian is a wonderful facilitator and coach. She works with her audience in the development of the targeted end product. Her presentation is not your typical “sit and get’” approach. Her technique of questioning, guiding and clarification helps the audience in obtaining deeper meaning of the activity- such as, Standard-Based IEP’s or Grading Guidance for Students with Disabilities. Observing her in action is similar to a conductor leading an orchestra in a musical piece of Bach; it has movement, depth and concludes with a strong finale!”

Ben Runyan, Director of Special Education
Four County SSA

“Cathy Sartain is an extraordinary presenter with the ability to make difficult concepts and ideas simple and fun. Cathy uses brain based teaching strategies to make learning for teachers come alive. We utilized Cathy to lead our special education teachers and related service personnel to a greater understanding and skill in writing comprehensive PLAAFP statements and standards-based goals and objectives. Writing PLAAFP’s and standards based IEPS continue to be one of our most challenging training topics. Cathy was able to assist both the veteran teacher and novice teachers with her energetic and engaging style of presentation . Cathy, provided excellent opportunities for staff to practice and critique their efforts. Cathy continues to be one of those presenters that staff ask for a return performance and follow up.”

Michelle Goebel, Director of Special Education
Victoria ISD

“My district has greatly benefitted from Ms. Sartain’s staff development presentations this past year on inclusive education. She has also provided valuable consultation to my staff in some of my most difficult and involved cases. I know I can rely on her expertise and practical application.”

Retta Cook, Director of Special Programs
Pearland ISD

“Cathy Sartain is an extraordinary presenter with the ability to make difficult concepts and ideas simple and fun. Most recently, we utilized Cathy to lead the entire Special Education Department in our 3A district to a greater understanding and skill in writing comprehensive PLAAFP statements and standards-based goals and objectives. We have also used Cathy as a trainer for our administrative team on such topics as their role facilitating ARD meetings, grading practices for students with disabilities and leading discussions about our RTI process. She has done such a wonderful job in each of these diverse presentations and tasks, we keep thinking of new ways to utilize her skills. IEP writing by far was our most challenging training. Many of our team had been to a number of presentations about PLAAFP’s and setting appropriate goals and objectives and we were more confused when we left. Cathy, however, made it all very clear and her presentation included excellent opportunities for staff to practice and critique their efforts. Staff felt unthreatened, encouraged and supported. Cathy Sartain is a gem!”

Lynn Grell-Boethel, Assistant Superintendent
Columbia Brazoria ISD

“Cathy Sartain is a highly accomplished education professional and presenter.  She is very knowledgeable in the field of special education and sets the highest of standards for herself and for the task she was hired to complete.  Cathy understood the needs of the department quickly and customized her training to focus on those needs.  She did an exceptional job helping the Garland ISD Special Education Department develop meaningful grading procedures for our life skills students. Cathy also provided training on Standards Based IEPs and immensely helped improve the process that was in place.  Cathy augments her level of expertise with an energetic personality that lends itself to presentations that were interactive, clear, and inviting to questions.  She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services.”

Nidia Parra, Director of Special Education
Garland ISD

“Cathy has provided training for my district on the development of PLAAFPs and Standards-based Goals and Objectives. Our administrative team has also participated in her Grading workshop…outstanding! She is an amazingly talented and knowledgeable presenter with the ability to turn complex concepts and ideas into understandable and manageable products. Her comfortable, yet vibrant, approach facilitates supported engagement among her audience. Everyone comes away with knowledge and skills that can be implemented immediately. Cathy is phenomenal, and I highly recommend her services!”

Kim Howze, Executive Director of Special Education
Montgomery ISD

“I knew I needed Cathy’s help in getting everyone in our district on the same page. I needed someone with not just knowledge, but also experience so that my staff understood this wasn’t just the “expert’s opinion” but a colleague’s practice, so she trained our cadre of trainers. Her presentation built on where we were, developed the skills we needed to get where we want to be, and still acknowledged the challenges we would experience on the road to improvement. She did it all while honoring the work of my staff and valuing their knowledge and experience. Even now, I know I can count on her to provide support as we move forward.”

Cindy Moses, Director of Special Education
Wichita Falls ISD