Bringing Specially Designed Instruction from the IEP to the Classroom is a workshop that will guide teachers through the necessary four interdependent steps that lead to design, implementation and observable evidence of specially designed instruction(SDI) for students with disabilities in the classroom.


cathy_students♦ Step 1 focuses on the determinations of where there is a need for SDI, decisions about what the SDI will look like, and the design of SDI in classroom instruction.

♦ Step 2 focuses on incorporating the decisions from Step 1 into the IEP, through goals, through accommodations, and even through deliberation/minutes.

♦ Step 3 focuses on sharing the information in the IEP to the classroom teachers so that the teachers have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the IEP, including the requirements specified in IDEA  2004.

♦ Step 4 focuses on the necessary collaboration between special educators and general educators on lesson design, student interventions, methodology and assessment, so there is observable evidence of SDI in classroom instruction.